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Stretch and Exercise with the elastic Posture Trainer. Go to product. Add activity while sitting at the desk with Posture Balance- balance seat. Posture reminder to straighten up and keep correct alignment. Go to product.

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White Paper Posture Flexi

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An evaluation of posture upright effects and user experience of the Swedish Posture Flexi harness. Read the complete white paper on Posture Flexi written by Anna-Lisa Osvalder, senior lecturer in Ergonomics and has a Ph.D. in injury prevention, here. Summary: An upright posture positively affect body language and well-being. A body support that reminds how to sit, stand or walk …

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Why your posture could be damaging your career

In Body language by maria

You’re ten minutes away from the biggest presentation you’ve ever had to deliver at work. One hundred pairs of eyes will be looking at you and judging every word you say and every move you make. What do you do in the next ten minutes to overcome your fears and ace your presentation? In a 2015 study 74 participants were asked to …

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Good posture – why is it important?

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What is good posture? Good posture is when your skeleton, joints and muscles are in balance. The body weight should be distributed equally so that no part is exposed to extra stress, just like a well-constructed building. And just like an insufficient building, a body with bad posture will be less resistant to the stress we are facing every day, …

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Bioservo Collaboration

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Ironhand® – the world’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system.   Swedish Posture and Bioservo Technologies have collaborated in developing a special battery backpack for the Ironhand robot. The Bioservo backpack has been designed with the unique Posture Vertical carrying system, which helps the flexibility and the mobility of the Ironhand. See video of the backpack being used here:

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The new phenomenon – The iHunch

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Smartphones not only ruining our posture. A bad posture could also affect us in psychological ways. ‘Posture doesn’t just reflect our emotional states; it can also cause them’, says Amy Cuddy. In today’s society we live with constant connectivity slouching over our devices. Be aware! Pay attention to your posture while reading this article. The importance of straighten up will …