Frequently Asked Questions

Along with physical benefits including less strain on your spine and joints, better circulation and oxygen uptake, standing upright will make you feel more confident and appear more assertive. As a result, your posture will give you an air of confidence, grace and balance leading to increased success, performance and overall health.
Washable with similar colours at 40 C
The Posture Classic/Flexi/Feminine/Trainer is all kind reminders that improves your posture over time. It encourage you to straighten up.

It gives you a gentle push which encourage you to straight out your chest and keep your shoulder blades together. An upright upper body, sitting or standing, makes you use the core muscles. This will both make muscles stronger over time and raise your awareness about your posture.

Use Posture Classic/Flexi/Trainer for shorter periods, one hour at a time, as untrained muscles can become soared. Time can be increased after usage.

Increase the time of use gradually over time, as your muscles develop and a good body position becomes more natural also without the product.

If you are injured or experiencing any shoulder or upper back pain, you are recommended to consult your health care professional before using Swedish Posture products. The Swedish Posture’s Classic/Flexi/Position is not intended for children under 12 years of age.

All products that encourage movement and strength (Trainer, Tube set etc) are beneficial to all ages.

Swedish Posture’s products are sold, engineered and designed by Inspirera & Co Ab.

All products have been developed by professional physiotherapists, osteopaths, athletes and product designers ensuring high quality and function. Correctly used (in intervals as reminders), Swedish Posture is beneficial from a health point of view. Posture’s products do not take over your muscles (which would weaken them over time). Instead, the light pressure of Posture’s garments as well as the function of the balance plate remind your body to correct itself, by helping the muscles to become accustomed to the proper position. The products should be combined with exercise for example with some of Swedish Posture’s products for increased movement and increades strength such as Posture Trainer, Posture Tube set and Posture Exercise mats.
The Swedish Posture products have been highly praised by athletes and physiotherapists because of their reminding function instead of taking over, hence weakening your muscles. Instead all Swedish Posture’s products activate your own muscles, improving posture and strength over time. The Posture harness Classic was also the original that several competitors later copied.
– Wear your Posture products on top of a thin t-shirt. (Only feminine and –
Posture Kinesio tape are designed to be right on your skin.)

– Loosen your harness if you are experiencing chafing, tingling or numbness, when you’re upright two fingers should fit between the harness and the shoulder.

– Shorten the usage time.

– Make sure your muscles do the work to hold back your shoulders, then the discomfort diminishes.

– Make sure you can make the harness so loose that you only feel it stretching when you hunch and relax your core.


71% cotton, 25% nylon, 4% Elastane


82% Nylone, 18 % Elastane


Sportnet 80% cotton, 20% spandex

Posture Balance

MDF wood, sanvage fabric

Posture Kinesiotape

Kinesio tape, 100% acrylic adhesive coating,

Latex free

Posture Backjoy

EVA plastic

Posture Blackroll

EEP – polypropylen, 100 % recyclable

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Tighten the Posture Classic/Flexi/Trainer/Feminine loose enough so you can fit two fingers between the strap and the shoulder while you’re holding your body upright.

When you keep your shoulder blades together and straighten up the upper body you should barely feel that you’re using the Posture Blackroll. When you slouch and hunch your back you relax your core, this stretches the Posture Classic/Flexi/Trainer/Feminine in the back which reminds you to sit/stand upright.

The Posture Classic/Flexi/Trainer/Feminine brace should never be uncomfortable. Make sure your muscles are doing the work to hold back your shoulders and upper body rather than the elastic in the harness. Discomfort can occur if you’re resting against the harness and if you have it too hard adjusted.

Posture Classic is the original. The tension is adjusted by using a small buckle on the back and the setting is kept for your next use. Posture Classic is also the most pricey harness.

If you
– have reduced flexibility in your shoulders,
– for other reasons want to be able to adjust the tension more often and in a simpler way,
Posture Flexi may be even better, since it’s adjusted by a velcro strap in front. Posture Flexi is hence also easier to put on and take off.

If you

– plan to wear their Posture all day, or

– want to make sure it’s covered under clothes

Posture Feminine is the choice. You can also combine your Posture Classic or Posture Flexi with a Posture Stabilize if you want the functions for both shoulders and core, but require a high degree of agility. This option of course also provides more usage flexibility than Posture Position.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down and want to train your posture even more actively, we suggest Posture Balance to actively core train your muscles.

If you

Plan to do physical exercise with it the Posture Trainer is ideal which both gives you phossibility for a neck, arms and shoulder work out as well as a kind reminder for imporving your posture.

If you wish to support your core muscles (lower back and abdomen), for example while lifting or carrying heavy loads, we recommend Posture Stabilize, a velcro-adjusted support belt with smart functions.

For those wanting the posture function both for shoulder area and core muscles, and/or work or exercise in a position sitting fairly still, we recommend Posture Position, which is a posture vest.