Posture 8 Sense


8 SENSE – Swedish Posture: Half fitness coach, half physiotherapist – combined in one wearable.
8 Sense combines knowledge of medical experts with modern sensor technology and unique design. Quantify your office daily routine and track your office fitness in real-time. Receive concrete movement recommendations from your coach. Train actively with biofeedback. Improve your posture. Receive great new features every month.

  • Innovative Tracking Method
  • Easy to wear. Whether eye-catching or discreet, it’s your decision.

The 8th sense can easily be attached to the One-Size Posture Flexi brace or to the collar of your clothes. No matter if shirt, blouse, T-shirt or undershirt, you won’t feel it anymore. Until the 8clip reminds you.

Included: 8 Sense movement sensor, 8 Sense App login, Instruction Manual, One-Size Posture brace

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8 SENSE will guide you to a good posture with it’s smart algorithm and AI posture feedback.

Wearing the 8 Sense movement sensor, you will learn how you move during the day. Through the APP you will get recommendations on what to do more or what to do less. Move more, sitt less.

The smart features of the 8 Sense sensor and APP will improve your posture, motivate you to move regularly and to remind you to stay active. The great health recommendations will increase your wellbeing, decrease body pain and strengthen heart and body.

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