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Swedish Posture presents Posture Balance Core Trainer. A Fitness Balance Seat for Active Sitting And Effective Core Muscle Exercise. Improves Stability, Body Alignment and Posture.



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POSTURE AND CORE EXERCISE – Posture Balance is a balance seat that encourages you to exercise your core and posture. By balancing, you improve movement and flexibility while doing other things.

MINI GYM – Posture Balance can transform your desk, home, office or couch into a low intensity mini gym. A chance to sit yourself fit and “exercise”!

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE – To get more done in a day, a good posture is quite important. Why is a good posture important? Your body posture affects body language, mood, and results. It increases your wellbeing and decreases stress levels, while you strengthen your back and core muscles.

User Guide Posture Balance- A Core Trainer Seat 

• Posture Balance is a training tool that strengthens your core muscles and improves hip mobility
while you’re doing other things.
Place Posture Balance on any seat, chair, or sofa, it’s not dependent on the surface.
• Inspiration exercises are added to the seat.
• Using the Posture Balance has a similar effect to sitting on a Pilates ball, with the benefit that
you can lean to the side with a natural stop. Posture Balance is even more unstable than a Pilates ball which
encourages you to use your core muscles even more. It’s also takes up less space.

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