Posture Mini Gym


Swedish Posture presents Posture Mini Gym. A Full Body Exercise Kit For Endless Variations of Training; Anytime & Everywhere. Let Daily Movement and Fitness Exercises become a part of your routines!



Minigym explanation

FULL BODY WORKOUT – Posture Mini Gym is a unique combination of familiar tools from the gym set together in a portable mini gym. It gives you a full body workout anytime, everywhere. Get ready for full body workout with functional resistance training in the office, at home or on the road.

ENDLESS EXERCISES – The short elastic band is for leg exercises. The long elastic resistance band has multiple loops / handles that customizes the resistance and length which gives everyone, regardless of level, a perfect challenge. The telescope bar turns the resistance band into a barbell and the door anchor makes combinations of exercises nearly endless. Exercise guide for a varied workout comes with the product.

LONG LIFE – With everyday training you live longer. The human body is built for movement, sitting still increases the lipids. Let daily exercise become a natural part of your life.

IMPROVED CONFIDENCE – Improved posture makes you radiate body confidence and poise – anywhere at any time.

NON ALLERGIC – The woven elastics is non allergic, washable and long lasting.

User Guide Posture Mini Gym 

• Posture Mini Gym is a training tool that improves strength and mobility in your whole body.
• Posture Mini Gym has endless variation and flexibility of exercises. Use it in the office, garden or living room.
• The telescope bar and the individual resistance loops ensure a perfect fit and challenge for each user and exercise.
Resistance cord for functional training.
Use a couple of minutes a few times daily to add movement to your everyday life.
Exercise guide follows on the product.

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Full body workout video

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Weight and Packaging

Weight 220 gram per unit and packaging size 12x18x3,5 cm


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