Posture™ Mini Gym


Posture Mini Gym is a lightweight training kit that improves strength and mobility in your whole body when exercising regularly.

  • A portable gym to use at home, in the office, in the garden or during travel.
  • A complete workout kit. Includes 4 pieces: Elastic band, Mini band, Telescope bar & Door hook.
  • For a varied exercise and a stronger body/posture.
  • Elastic band has different loops for individualized resistance.
  • Material: Bar – Aluminium 6063, Elastic bands – 100% Polyester.

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FULL BODY WORKOUT – Posture Mini Gym is a unique  lightweight combination of familiar tools from the gym put into a portable mini gym. It gives you a full body functional workout.

ENDLESS EXERCISES4 products included: 1. The short elastic band is for leg exercises. 2. The long elastic resistance band has multiple loops / handles that customizes the resistance and length which gives everyone, regardless of level, a challenge. 3. The telescope bar turns the resistance band into a barbell and the 4. door anchor makes combinations of exercises nearly endless. Exercise guide for a varied workout comes with the product.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – With everyday training you live longer. Let daily exercise become a natural part of your life. 20 minutes is better than nothing! Exercise increases the wellbeing, stabilizes the weight, improves sleeping patterns, decrease depression, improves concentration and you have less risk for diseases.

STRONGER – With Posture Mini Gym you can tone your body and get stronger legs and arms, increased endurance, better posture and an overall more fit body.

NON ALLERGIC – The woven elastics is non allergic, washable and long lasting.

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