Posture™ Reminder T-shirt


  • Instant effect – your posture is improved immediately!
  • WOW-feeling. Comfortable, effective and perfect if you have forward rolling shoulders. 
  • Can be used all day. 
  • Female and Male model.  White and Black color. Material: 77% nylon, 23% elastane

The Posture Reminder T-shirt has Posture Alignment Technology that prevents you from slouching and reminds you to stand up straight by keeping your shoulders aligned. When shoulder blades are held back and spine is aligned, you automatically activate muscles and engage the core while standing and sitting. The t-shirt does not need compression to make you stand tall, it’s loose and comfortable around the waist which makes it esthetic for all bodies and suitable for all occasions.

Woman XS S M L XL
EU 34-36 36-38 38-40 40-42
Breast (cm) 81 87 93 99
Waist (cm) 80 86 92 98
Length (cm) 67,5 69,5 72 74,5
EU 44-46 48-50 50-52 52-54
Breast (cm) 93 99 105 111
Waist (cm) 92 98 104 110
Length (cm) 69,5 71,5 74 76,5

So comfy in comparison to other compression posture t-shirts.
Works as hoped, it reminds me not to slouch!
I didn’t think it would help my shoulders back, but it really does!

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Unfortunately in today’s modern world, most of us spend most of our days slumped over a computer desk at work and our evenings bent over looking at our devices. There is very little time when we aren’t in this fatal position. But let’s change that with The Posture Reminder T-shirt!

INSTANTLY IMPROVES YOUR POSTURE  – The Posture Reminder T-shirt gives you a “WOW”-feeling when putting it on. It’s so subtile but still so efficient. It gently aligns your shoulders and shoulder blads into correct position, without being too tight.

CAN BE USED ANYWHERE – The Posture Reminder T-shirt can be used under a shirt at the office or by itself during exercise. The elastic and breathable material is perfect for any occasion.

POSTURE ALIGNMENT TECHNOLOGY – An elastic backpanel guides your shoulders backwards into the perfect alignment.

ALIGNS YOUR SHOULDERS  – Wearing the Posture Reminder T-shirts you will feel an instant improvement of your posture. It stretches your chest, deepens your breathing, engages the postural muscles, activates the core and aligns your complete upper body. Without using compression as other posture t-shirt does.

ALL DAY USE – The Posture Reminder T-shirt can be used all day since it’s so gentle on your body.

WHY IS GOOD POSTURE IMPORTANT? – With a good posture you experience less back-pain, increased flexibility, deeper breathing and will radiate more charisma and self-esteem.

HOW TO PUT ON THE POSTURE REMINDER T-SHIRT – Make sure the back panel, Posture Alignment Technology, stretches over the shoulder blades on your back.

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