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Swedish Posture presents Posture Stabilize. A Support belt that Guarantees a kind lumber support and stability for the lower back with thermo therapy. 100% Guarantee for Stress and Tension Relief. Helps to relieve Lower Back Pain in Men and Women.

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Posture Stabilize for back pain and support

SUPPORTS LOWER BACK – Posture Stabilize is a waist belt that supports the lower back and torso making it perfect for physically demanding work, or for longtime standing and walking.

THERMO THERAPY – Posture Stabilize has a removable pad that can be heated or chilled for lower back thermo therapy. Its adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit.

GOOD POSTURE – Your body posture affects body language, mood and results. Posture Stabilize guarantees a good posture which will in turn increase your wellbeing and decrease stress, while strengthening your back and core muscles.

ELIMINATES LOWER BACK PAIN – It provides instant support for the back and prevents slouching, slumping or hunching. Our Posture Stabilize is 100% guaranteed to stabilize your physique and appearance.

EASY TO USE – Posture Stabilize is easy to wear, take off, and adjust with the help of its adjustable strap.

User Guide Posture Stabilize

• Posture Stabilize is a lower back belt that supports your lower back and torso.
• Posture Stabilize has a removable pad that can be heated or chilled for thermo therapy for recovery or pain
relief for the back.
• Posture Stabilize has double straps to ensure a good stabilization and relieves pain and tiredness in the lower
• Wear your Posture Stabilize under a vest or t-shirt; it is discreet and can be easily covered.
• Wear Posture Stabilize 1-3 hours at a time.
• Can be washed at 40 °C.

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