Posture Vertical Backpack


A backpack with a unique carrying system for better posture and free moving shoulders.

  • A revolutionized carrying system: Posture Vertical Carrying System
  • All weight balance on the sternum instead of the shoulders – better for posture and back
  • Ergonomic – the weight distributed more balanced
  • Reduces neck- and back pain by not distributing all the weight on the shoulders
  • Makes the weight feel lighter

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  • The Posture Vertical Backpack
     is the first backpack of its kind, specifically created to improve your posture. The chest crossover design allows any weight you carry to rest on your sternum, close to your center of gravity, where you are the strongest. This design also leaves your shoulders free for movement, making the backpack feel lighter as you carry your daily belongings.
    image of posture vertical backpack for better posture
  •  With the weight carried at the sternum, it expands the chest naturally, engaging the core muscles, and positions the head over the shoulders as the spine rests in an S curve, with the hips and knees in proper alignment.pressure on shoulders
  • The Posture Vertical Backpack also comes with many modern day features that make everyday living and traveling much easier. These features include:
    Water resistant material
    Trolley holder
    Hidden pocket for valuables
    Foldable top for adjustable volume
    Several pockets for your belongings
    Separate Laptop compartment
    Ergonomic carrying system
    functions on the posture vertical backpack

  • The difference between a “normal” backpack and the Posture Vertical Backpack.bad and good posture with normal backpack and posture vertical backpack
    A “normal backpack”

    • Impairs your posture by causing you to roll your shoulders forward for weight compensation.
    • Tightens your joints and muscles in your shoulders, which can cause muscle strain.
    • Rounds your back and causes a forward head posture.
    • Bends your hips forward to counter the backward pull.
    • Changes your walking pattern, which can cause knee pain.

    Posture Vertical Backpack

    • Distributes no weight on your shoulders.
    • Places the weight on your sternum, your center of gravity.
    • Engages your abdominal muscles.
    • Expands your chest naturally.
    • Positions your head over your shoulders. 
    • Allows the spine to rest in the natural S-curve.

man all fronts

Be aware: Pacemaker patients cannot carry the Posture Vertical Backpack due to it’s magnetic closure. 


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